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Medstone is dedicated to optimising pharmaceutical care. We believe in the power of data to support pharmacists in their everyday job. Advising the best possible treatment for each patient and optimising the logistical processes, resulting in a long term sustainable business.

Stone Algorithm

Our team consists of pharmacists, data scientists, software developers and research associates. This unique combination of people allows us to apply pharmaceutical knowledge with cutting-edge machine learning. Our content guides pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in their quest for the best pharmaceutical products for their patients.

Medstone System

Medstone offers a fully digitalised platform for pharmacists. Our platform provides pharmacists a clear overview of relevant pharmaceutical products, which they can share with their team and other healthcare colleagues.

Pharmaceutical Landscape Today

In recent years the amount of new first-in-class drugs has declined, while the total number of submissions has remained stable. As a result physicians have more treatment alternatives for the same indication. Each new treatment alternative is accompanied with large amounts of (scientific) product information. This challenges health care professionals in knowing all differences and which treatment is best for their patients.

The branded products (both first in class and alternatives) are pivotal for the pharmaceutical industry. They represent the majority of total drug costs in a retail pharmacy, while the volume dispensed is only 25%. This increases the importance of choosing the right branded product.

Breakdown of FDA submissions
Medstone - FDA submissions: first in class vs alternative treatments
Overview of volumes and costs of brandend and generic product in retail pharmacies
Medstone - Volume vs cost of branded and generic products

Stone - The Medstone Algorithm

Stone Algorithm

Stone is based on published data and uses AI

Our algorithm gets input and systematicaly searches for published data. Each matching publication is stored in our database. Articles will be analyzed for the parameters on which to compare the products.

Smart Linguistic Software

Smart linguistic software - the real complexity of Stone

Stone is able to read complex scientific data from our database autonomously. It processes the words and presents the relevant information. Daily our pharmacists and research associates carefully train Stone to make it more intelligent.

Formulary and knowledge

Formulary and knowledge transfer

Medstone members use Stone based content to facilitate knowledge transfer ultimately resulting in local formularies. Stone enables everybody to keep pace with rapidly expanding scientific data.

Our proprietary platform

All Medstone members have access to our proprietary platform. Our platform features the following:

  • Availability of all Stone based content
  • Insight in financial reward for knowledge transfer through implementation of your local formulary
  • Access to tools to create and monitor your local formulary

Members log in on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific information as well as monitoring their formulary implementation.

Medstone Portal

The Dutch Case:
Implementation of an algorithm based formulary

Algorithm based content

Easy to use Medstone content for Health Care Professionals.

Medstone - Algorithm based content

Pharmaceutical Industry

Rewards knowledge transfer to Health Care Professionals.

Medstone - Knowledge transfer Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care Professionals

The Medstone Community

Uses the content to create a local formulary.

Medstone Community

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